Facts before honorable Members:

Dear esteemed Members of the IEA,
I hereby wish to bring forth some observations and experiences of degrading democratic values under the functioning of the IEA during the last one decade which are as follows:
A.     Completely lost Trust in President/Secretary and PIO and their way of functioning:
1.      The members attending annual conference of IEA has drastically come down from more than 2000 at Visakhapatnam about five years back to less than 1000 in the last and the last but one conference
2.      Number of total members who voted during IEA election was more than 987 in 2009 when our  secretary contested for his third term which reduced to only 379 when Prof. Thorat contested for his second term of Presidentship in 2013. Even in 2014, 501 persons attended General Body (GB) meeting, out of which only 154 were IEA members registered as per RTI information. All these are despite rapidly increasing membership of the association from 2384 in 2004 5800  in Dec 2015 as per Secy’s Report 2015.
3.      Under IEA constitution, the Quorum of the GB shall be 1/10th of the total membership strength of the IEA. Therefore, at least 504 IEA members would have to be presented in the Dec 2014 meeting, but the presence of only 154.members nullify all the decisions of GB on 29/12/2014 due to less quorum. Even the decisions of GB held on 29/12/2015 were illegal due to less quorum.
4.      About a decade back IEA election results use to be declared by 6-7 p.m. same day in contrast to recent trend of usually at around 2.00-3.00 a.m. next day (2013 result)
5.      Fictitious or missing Ballot papers in counting and well planned use of brawn for large scale rigging in the IEA elections are the feature developed during the last one decade.  
6.      Our association is now high-tech in electing our EC members and office bearers with the super high-tech election officer with ace expertise in getting any candidate rejected and the else elected as per suitability.
7.      Elected EC members, giving dissent, are being expelled before completion of their fixed term without giving any show cause notice, and without following IEA Constitution rules and by-laws, wherein even GB has no power to expel elected EC members.
         So, general members of the association are disappointed and find no place for them to exercise their democratic right with due respect during the last one decade.

B.     Constitutional Changes-  for ensuring never ending dynasty of TRIO (TTT):
1.      The association thrived for 9 decades without almost any basic change in constitution but the bye-laws of the association was distorted by so many changes, including in its basic structure, during the last 6 years.
2.      This change gave entry to Prof. Thorat for three years as President to work with the Secretary in glove and to form TRIO of TTT (Thakur, Thorat and Taneja) .
3.      The change curtailed the power of GB and empowered EC (the gang of Trio-TTT) to supersede GB.  
4.      The change in constitution empowered EC to terminate any member and authorised General Secretary to issue so-cause-notice to any member of IEA who obstructs fulfilment of vested interest of the TTT on any count.
5.      The change empowered TTT to expel many senior members with 3-5 decades of their membership in IEA on several fictitious allegations  
6.      The policy of TRIO is based on either carrot or stick- over facilitate the supporters and crush the opponents. 
7.      All the EC members are put the condition to sign the proceeding drafted by TTT, and then TA Cheques are given to them.

C.     The Deep Vested Interest:   Making IEA a grazing ground
1.      Despite self declaration in writing by Dr. Anil K. Thakur since the last two elections for not contesting next election what attracts him for going to this needs to be explored.
2.      It may be Rs. 84 lakhs of annual budget of IEA (Last year’s budget- Rs. 74 lakhs spent and Rs. 10 lakhs deficit) which is too glamorous and facilitate green grazing ground for him.

D.     What does an Ordinary Member of IEA expect? Is it fulfilled?      
1.      Due response to information sought
2.      Due access to information about IEA activities
3.      Due respect from the office  bearers
4.      Impartial evaluation and publication of the paper submitted to the conference
5.      Impartial and easily accessible arrangement of accommodation at the conference
6.      An academic environment at the venue of the conference

E.     What else have we lost during the last 6-7 years?
1.      Members have no access to copy of the Indian Economic Journal since 2013, despite Rs. 84 lakhs of annual budget, Rs. 10,000 life membership fees and rise in number of members to 5800 in 2015.
2.      Converting the Indian Economic Journal into an e-Journal last year. The ordinary members will lose their sense of belongings with IEA in absence of printed copy. Though there is no dearth of finance and a full time salaried personnel are employed for running office.
3.      Registration Fee for IEA life members attending conference has been raised from Rs. 400 to Rs. 1500 in Dec 2015 without any approval from GB.
4.      Termination of Asha Sablok Gold Medal for best paper in annual conference in 2014, when Donor objected to the fake Gold Medal given to awardees.
5.      Venue and themes were used to be decided at the floor of GB meeting, now there are few privileged ones who decide for venue. Political leverage is the major consideration.
6.      Lack of convenient time for IEA election to enable ordinary member to exercise their democratic right.
7.      Violent atmosphere and presence of hundreds of uneducated and criminal type of persons at the venue of the conference
8.      Grabbing floor of GB meeting by some well identified agents for not allowing ordinary members to speak
        All these compulsions left no room for us but to call emergent special convention in Agra in December 2015 that dislodged the office bearers and EC members of IEA and form new committee under IEA constitution 2009 (before amendment) whose details are on Web-site: wwwieaonline.in

         Dear members, please stand with soul of the IEA and save our beloved IEA from the looters.
With deep regards,  
Ved Tripathi
Hon.Secretary and Treasurer
      Indian Economic Association

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