Message from Secretary & Treasurer

Dear Fellow Members

Very Warm welcome to great event i.e. 99th Annual conference of Indian Economic Association which is scheduled to take place on 23-25th December 2016 at Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur. Annual conferences have great significance as a regular activity of Indian Economic Association and this conference has still bigger significance being penultimate to the century conference. This should prove one conference giving a new shape and direction to Indian Economic Association in its hundredth year. The Association has century old glorious tradition. This was established to bring professional economists, academicians, policy makers, economic administrators on one platform and provide them an opportunity to discuss vital national and international issues pertaining to economics. In order to fulfill its objective Indian Economics Association regularly held conferences seminars, published proceedings, issued its and independent journals, organized special lectures and undertook such other activities as would promote economic discipline and disseminate information as would be advisable.
The Indian Economic Association was incepted as back as in 1917. This way this is one of the oldest bodies of professional academicians and perhaps oldest one among all such bodies of social sciences and humanities in our country. Next year the Association will celebrate its centenary. Many professors and professional contributed to enrich its bright traditions. To take names of a few, particularly after independence, may be that of V.K.R.V. Rao, John Mathai, C.N. Vakeel, P.R. Brahmanand, C.D. Deshmukh, L.K. Jha, Amartya Sen, C. Rangrajan, Manmohan Singh etc.

Over a period of last 99 years many satellite professional organizations have emerged all over the country. These organizations have been formed both in sub-discipline of economics and in different parts of the country. There are some organization with little different nomenclatures bearing almost similar or different objectives, some of them have gained good prominence, doing quality work and published regular journal.  

In its history of nearly hundred years, some last few years were little unfortunate, when some arbitrary changes in the Constitution of Indian Economic Association made a large section of the Association dissatisfied and distressed. Not only that but filthy politicking and unwanted string pulling blurred the bright academic and professional image of this century old Association.  Coterie of a few persons of vested interest made the Association their pocket borough.

Under these circumstances, a large section of right thinking members of association resolved after a lot of churning at various levels at various places not to sit as silent spectators but assert their right to give proper direction to the activities of the association. One major step in this duration was to hold a separate conference at JNV University, Jodhpur. We are delighted that at this juncture Prof. R.P. Singh, the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor of JNV University extended  his supporting hand and consented to hold conference at his prestigious University. We owe our appreciation and warmly thank him for his support.

I, on behalf of Indian Economic Association and my own behalf, welcome all the fellow members and prospective interested participants to prestigious campus of Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur to attend 99th Annual Conference of Indian Economic Association scheduled to be held on 23-25 December 2016.

With best wishes and regards

- V.P. Tripathi   
Secretary & Treasurer
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